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Over 20 years experience!

"EcoTech does an excellent job. They know the equipment inside and out and make our life easier."

~ Jeff McFadden
Service King Collision Centers

"Ecotech helps us keep our booth up and running. If there is a problem, all I have to do is call. I am very satisfied and would definitely buy another booth from them."

~ Gary Hendrickson
Gary's Body Shop

Custom Spray Booth Systems for Industrial Applications

For unique automatic processing needs, EcoTech works with customers to create custom paint finishing solutions, made by Accudraft. Accudraft Industrial Systems are complete custom solutions that include a combination of tunnels/process vestibules, cleaning, baking, exhaust stations and fully automated conveyor systems.

Spray-Tech/Junair is a leading-edge designer and manufacturer of spray booths, ovens, prep stations, and air make up units. This extensive product line includes Dust Collection Systems, Water Wash Booths, Ovens, Open Face Booths, Powder Coating Equipment, and Large Equipment Spray Booths.

Spray-Tech/Junair has manufactured the finest industrial finishing equipment for over 19 years. From small, bench-style paint booths to multi-stage automated finishing systems, Spray-Tech/Junair offers a diverse range of products for all types of businesses in all types and sizes.

Spray-Tech/Junair industrial finishing products can also be retrofit into existing systems in an effort to bring older systems up to date with the latest technologically advanced components.

EcoTech also repairs, services and provides maintenance plans for industrial spray booths.

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